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I Can't Tell You

A young adult novel by Hillary Frank, told mostly through drawings and passed notes, about a teenager who stops talking.


I Can’t Tell You

After he opens his big mouth in a big fight with his best friend, Jake concludes that talking = trouble. He decides that communicating through writing is safer. Through notes scribbled on napkins and in notebooks, on upside-down calculators, and on walls with pudding-covered fingers, Jake explores new ways to express himself. But there are also the notes he never sends. To his flirty friend. Who is just a friend. But could be more than a friend. But isn’t — or is she? Jake + Xandra = a story about what it means to be “just friends.” All without saying a word.

Praise for I Can’t Tell You

“Frank once again shows her dexterity in crafting entirely believable characters in the crucible of freshman dorm life.” 
–The Bulletin

“Frank’s experiment is fascinating.”
Michael Cart, Booklist