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Weird Parenting Wins

A young adult novel by Hillary Frank, told mostly through drawings and passed notes, about a teenager who stops talking.


Weird Parenting Wins

The most effective parenting strategies often don’t come from gurus but from real parents getting creative in moments of desperation. One mother threatens to sing in public anytime her daughters argue; another allows her daughter to play with tampons to get a few minutes on the toilet alone. For parents and caregivers with kids of all ages, the unconventional “wins” in this book have helped children to diversify their appetites, stop sibling rivalry, cultivate independence, develop manners, and open up—as well as parents themselves to find imaginative ways of salvaging time, money, intimacy, and their sanity.

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Illustrations by Hillary Frank

Praise for Weird Parenting Wins

“This is a book for anyone who’s ever told his children that it’s illegal to be too loud in restaurants or played a rousing game of ‘What’s on My Butt’ while lying face-down on the couch, and for anyone who thinks those sound completely crazy—but might have a story of her own. Crazy, dear, empathetic, and anything but guilt-inducing, this is the parenting book that unites us all."
— KJ Dell'Antonia, author of How to be a Happier Parent and New York Times parenting contributor

“From the New Year’s Goat to the Lifesavers Game, this is the most hilarious (as well as practical) parenting book ever!”
— Grace Lin, author of Where the Mountain Meets the Moon

“Parenting is a psychological dance, one of the most complicated psychological dances anybody does. How many steps do you know? How quickly can you turn and dance in another direction? Those are good things to know about yourself and I personally feel—that as a general rule—it is better to have more moves than fewer. Most parents are incredibly busy, so Weird Parenting Wins is full of fast hacks. Highly entertaining but also soothing to know that you are not alone in your incompetence. Truly a delight.”
— Alix Spiegel, co-host of Invisibilia